Cal State San Bernardino Helps Community with Clothing and Food

Community service is an important facet for Cal State San Bernardino student-athletes. This fall has been an active one as the Coyotes have worked each month on projects and the months of October and November were busy ones.

According to SAAC President Anjuli Nieto, the group collected 139 13-gallon bags of donated clothes to the San Bernardino City Mission.

“All 139 bags contained suitable clothing,’’ said Nieto, who is a member of the Coyotes’ cross country team. “We stuffed all of those bags into my Hyundai SUV and a Ford F-350.’’

It goes without saying that the people at the mission were “amazed’’ at what Nieto and the Coyotes raised for the well-being of those in need in the Inland Empire.

“The participation that we had to donate these items was incredible,’’ Nieto said. “The golf team brought in seven bags per student-athletes – 49 bags by themselves and they won going away.’’

The cross country team was second at 2 ½ bags per student-athlete.

Competition not only plays a factor on the field, but also in the organization. The Coyote Cup goes to the winning team that scores points in: 1) athletic recognition; 2) academics; 3) spirit; and 4) community service.

In November, the student-athletes participated in the Campesino Project, a university-wide project that collected canned goods.

The Coyotes brought in 539 canned goods for the campus’ Student Leadership Development organization.

According to Nieto, the golf team again took the prize for most involvement with the water polo team second.