2008 Fall CCAA SAAC Workshop


On October 25-26 CCAA SAAC institutional representatives and SAAC advisors gathered for a two-day workshop.  On Saturday, the student-athletes engaged in team-building activities led by Marissa Parry of the CCAA. After dinner, the group participated in a round-table discussion in which they gave updates on their campus SAAC activities. On Sunday, the group listened to a presentation by Sue Woodstra, Humboldt State University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach/Assistant Coach USA Women’s National Volleyball team who spoke about National and Olympic experiences as a player and coach. Woodstra indicated items such as diet, focus, hard work, mental preparation and goal setting are key factors for success at the National and Olympic levels. The SAAC business session of the workshop followed and at the end of the session the group met for a photo. After lunch, the two-day workshop concluded with SAAC attending a joint session with Compliance where Jess Rigler, Assistant Director of NCAA Membership Services presented NCAA legislation adopted in January 2008 and answered questions from the group.

2008 Spring CCAA SAAC Workshop


On May 30-31, CCAA SAAC outgoing presidents and incoming presidents gathered for a two-day workshop. On Friday, CCAA SAAC participated in a community service activity with the Janet Pomeroy Center in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1952, The Janet Pomeroy Center is a non-profit organization, which provides various therapeutic, recreational and vocational activities for individuals with disabilities ages five through senior adult. The Center’s mission is to provide recreational and vocational opportunities for people with disabilities through programs and services that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement and lead to greater independence.

SAAC Representatives from each of the eleven CCAA institutions participated in the community service project where they assisted with recreational activities for groups of children and adults with disabilities. The event began with orientation and instruction of the afternoon’s activities from Patrick Sayre of the Pomeroy Center.  The adult group activity session began with an exchange of high fives with SAAC followed by a friendly game of beach ball volleyball. Between the adult and children’s activity sessions, SAAC learned more about the Pomeroy Center and the services the center provides through a tour of the facilities. Following the tour, SAAC participated in open gym activities such as basketball, beach ball volleyball and catch with the children’s group at the center. At the conclusion of the event, the Pomeroy Center’s groups and SAAC gathered for group photos and exchanged farewell greetings.

On Saturday, the group participated in the business meeting session which included updates on their campus SAACs, discussion of their volunteer activities and indicated successful projects and challenges. 

CCAA campus SAACs are involved in many volunteer and community service activities in their communities. In addition to fundraising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, some recent activities include:

- Pack the Gym Night


- Canned Food Drive


- Hurricane Katrina Fundraising


- Thanksgiving Food Drive


- Christmas Toy Drive


- Adopt-A-Family


- Bubbles for Troubles


- Blood Drive


- Tutoring/Reading to Local Youth


- Clothing Donations


- Boys & Girls Club Community Challenge


- Visiting Hospitals


- Have a Heart Program