Mission Statement

The general purpose of the CCAA is to foster and administer amateur sports competition among its NCAA Division II member institutions.

The specific purposes of the CCAA are:

To initiate, stimulate and improve intercollegiate athletic programs for student-athletes and promote and develop educational leadership, sportsmanship, physical fitness, sports participation as a recreational pursuit and athletic excellence.

To uphold the principle of institutional control of, and responsibility for, all intercollegiate sports in conformity with the Constitution and Bylaws of the CCAA.

To encourage its members to adopt eligibility rules to comply with satisfactory standards of scholarship, sportsmanship and amateurism.

To formulate and publish rules of play governing sports when necessary to supplement those established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

To collect, disseminate and preserve intercollegiate records.

To establish eligibility standards for, and supervise the conduct of, athletic events sponsored by the CCAA.

To cooperate with other amateur athletic organizations in promoting and conducting local and regional athletic events.

To study, in general, all phases of competitive intercollegiate athletics and establish standards whereby the colleges and universities of the CCAA can maintain their athletic activities at a high level.