Manual & Strategic Plan

CCAA Manual

The PDF version of the 2014-15 CCAA Manual. We plan to issue updates during the academic year.

2015-16 CCAA Manual Version 1.0

• 2015-16 CCAA Manual Version 1.01 (uploaded 9/23/2015)

Version 1.01 fixes a couple of omissions in SPR 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 that were adopted in June 2015 related to the eight-team CCAA Basketball Tournaments.


And don't forget a cover....




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CCAA Strategic Plan

The PDF version of the CCAA 2008-12 Strategic Plan:

CCAA Strategic Plan 2013-2018

CCAA Membership Criteria

The PDF version of the CCAA Membership Criteria:

CCAA Membership Criteria - For potential future members of the CCAA