Cal State Monterey Bay Hosts San Francisco 49ers Training Camp

CSUMB Flickr Gallery of 49ers Practice

SEASIDE, Calif. - The San Francisco 49ers moved their fifth practice of the 2010 Training Camp season to the campus of Cal State Monterey Bay.  The three hour practice session was held at the Otter Soccer Fields.

"This was a great day for our university and athletics department," said Otoupal. "We were given a challenge of hosting one of the most celebrated, and decorated, professional sports franchises in the world and we were able to give them what they needed in order to have a great practice and experience here."

The 49ers trip south to CSUMB was a surprise to the players, as head coach Mike Singletary announced the change in venue following yesterday's afternoon practice in Santa Clara.

"They didn't know anything, and I like that," Singletary said. "Surprises are good sometimes."

Singletary knew the change of scenery would help break up the monotony of camp and he had today's date circled on his calendar for weeks.

When asked if he would bring the team back for more practices in the future, the coach didn't rule the option out.

"Possibly, I mean it's very nice facility here and it really worked out well for us and we really enjoyed being here," Singletary said. "I think for our players and coaches this is a nice place to be able to come to and practice."

Preparations for today had been in the works on the CSUMB campus for over 6 weeks, with one of the top priorities being the understanding that the Otters were playing a big role in making sure this trip was a secret. At the same time the athletics department, with the assistance of multiple campus departments, took great care to make sure the fields and facilities were prepared to fit the needs of a live practice session for the 49ers. 

"I think it was a surprise for a number of our neighboring communities and even for a number of people on our campus," Otoupal said.  "It was really fun. I would like to thank President Harrison and the University's Senior Leadership team for all their support and for helping make this event happen. We had to be involved with many departments on campus to pull this off and what we did today is a great example of an Otters' team effort. Our campus and the people that work here make this a special place."

"This was a great event for the university and the athletic department, doing events like this with organizations like the San Francisco 49ers will continue to move us forward and establish us as a legitimate athletic influence in our tri-county area."