Toros Taken Back to Middle School in Volunteer Day at Magruder Middle School

TORRANCE -- Nine Toros in three sports took their best skills to the test, challenging hundreds of middle schoolers at Magruder Middle School on the field and court as part of Magruder's college week "You Got Spirit" that has welcomed Los Angeles area colleges throughout the week to the school.

The Toros spent an hour with the kids during their lunch period in a fun game of basketball and soccer encouraging the kids to stay active and healthy.

"It is so great to have your college athletes out here," said head counselor Caroline Ryan.

"Being able to have this interaction between the students and the college students gives them a way to connect for their future so we thank Cal State Dominguez Hills for coming".

Women's soccer stars Paige Peel, Makenzie Pedrotti, Yadira Gomez, Allison Ruvalcaba and Lauren Ruvalcada were joined by track & field's Dora Baldwin on the grass with the Toros eventually falling 1-2 against scores of talented 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Meanwhile on the court, men's basketball was represented by Alfred Sterling, Van Girard II and Ricardo de la Rosa, drawing a large crowd of onlookers as they did their best against the kids.

With all nine student-athletes enjoying every minute of the hour they spent with the kids look out for your Toros to stay involved with the local community schools.